Friday, February 16, 2007

Andrew Daniel Designs

Andrew Daniel creates bright and fun paintings, with a funky colorful appeal. Check out his Etsy shop for lots of Prints and Greeting Cards.

OR his main website at:

From the artist, Andrew Daniel,

As an artist I pay attention to the geometric patterns that I see in things around me. I am especially drawn to fabric patterns, quilts, and weavings. Often a painting will be started by lifting a geometric pattern off of someone's clothing; or from an object I might see at a boutique. Sometimes shapes will hit me while I'm flipping through the pages of an art book. Other times a painting is developed from drawings in my sketchbook. These shapes provide a kind of skeletal structure for me to lay colors onto.My pieces are really about color. I like to layer my colors, one on top of the other, but with a bit of the previous color showing around the edges; or coming through from underneath the transparency of the top color. Each painting accumulates a history as it grows in layers.I know a piece is done when it looks vibrant and alive to me. When it lifts my mood or deepens my perceptions. There is a freedom that I find in these whimsical color compositions. They express to me something about who I am and who I want to be. Their structures create a playground for spontaneity! The colors explore an intuitive relationship with the heart. Perhaps these pieces are about more than color...


Anonymous said...

Amazing, fantastic, I love it!