Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fame Is Fleeting....

Finally mader the front page of Etsy sometime early this morning:

And a JET member was nice enough to capture a screen shot for me.

My Oui Et Non earrings sold out immediately, so I was off as soon as I got on! But I'm still excited because it's my first time.

Thanks for looking♥

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have decided to keep a Handmade Top Ten Seller's List. I think this will be beneficial, since so many artists are upset over vintage and supplies on Etsy.

Here are some reasons that I feel supplies/vintage should not be added to the Etsy Top Seller lists:

Supplies usually come in smaller quantities/prices and therefore appear to be selling better.

Vintage/supplies are not made by the seller, therefore, not really in the spirit of Etsy.

Sellers are frustrated enough having to compete with each other and hobbyists on Etsy. Why should they have to compete with non-handmade items for recognition?
I can understand the need for supply shops on Etsy. I'm not quite sure where Vintage fits in, but it's been on there since Etsy started, so they must have had a reason?

There is a huge problem on Etsy with communication between these groups of people and anything we can do now to promote and help each other out would be beneficial to us all.

That being said, I too sell supplies on Etsy and I would not mind non-handmade sites being taken off the wiki list.
Etsy is my full time job, and I need the income. My supply shop and jewelry shop have done extremely well and I'm truly grateful to everyone.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello Kitty, Vintage Brass, and more! Please visit my supply shop and you will receive a FREE bag of goodies! Not junky leftovers, but some nice beads and other fun things from my shop♥

Please click on the kitty to visit me:)

No need to enter any info., just want to pass on some love to my friends!
Click on this kitty to visit my handmade jewelry store, where you can find already made Hello Kitty and vintage jewelry:

Thanks so much=^..^=

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

NEW Kid's Section at Jewelry By Tara!

It's a toy, necklace, and babysitter, all rolled into one! Makes a great Xmas, Chanukah, Bday, or anyday gift!

More colors coming soon! Plus new kid's products♥

Thanks friends!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

JET Contest Winners

Original Questions

1. When/what inspired you to start making jewelry?

2. Where do you get your ideas for your designs?

3. What are your favorite materials to work with?

4. In the future, where do you want to be with your jewelry business?

5. What do you like about being a part of JET/Etsy?

First Place Winner

Jewelry Creations

1. I have always enjoyed making things. Painting, ceramics, wood ornaments and my own greeting cards. I've always had a love for jewelry since childhood. I discovered jewelry making one day while in a local craft store. I thought that I'd give it a try and make gifts for family and friends, so I bought a load of beads, chain and wire and a few books. I had no idea at the time that I would love making jewelry so much!

2. I get a lot of inspiration from books. I usually just buy supplies that I think are beautiful then just keep arranging them until I like the look. I usually make things that I would wear myself. I get the most heartfelt feeling knowing that people love wearing my jewelry.

3. My favorite materials are wire, Lampwork glass, gemstones, semi-precious stones, Bali silver and crystal. I guess you can tell that from my designs, LOL

4. It would be nice someday to make my entire income from my jewelry but I think that is a long way off. But it is attainable with hard work. Since selling on Etsy and joining the JET street Team, my sales have increased and I'm getting my name out there.

5. Being a part of Etsy and a member of JET has been a fantastic experience. The community of Etsy is so friendly. I have been finding so many great handmade items to buy. Being a JET member is like having a huge family. We're all there for each other for inspiration, knowledge, kindness and friendship. I look forward to the weekly thread and talking with the friends I have made. I love being a JET member and can't wait to see what new and exciting things we can do as a group.

Second Place Winner


1. While hiking in the Adirondack mountains several years ago, I discovered garnet in one of the streams. I fashioned our very first piece of jewelry using it and have been going full steam ever since.

2. I sit down with a selection of materials,depending on my mood, and just start to create whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get an idea, sometimes I have several all at once.

3. I love sterling silver and semi precious gemstones.

4. I am hopeful that I will someday be able to open my own boutique, (I have the place all picked out!!) and quit my day job.

5. Everything! The comraderie is wonderful. Whether it be to lend a supporting ear, crack a few jokes, or just vent, the group is an awesome support system, not to mention a talented bunch of artists.As for ETSY it is a great venue to sell our creations and get the encouragement from our buyers too.

Second Place Winner

Gypsy Charms Jewelry

1. When/what inspired you to start making jewelry?Before motherhood I worked as a chef for about 9 years. That is a very creative profession. After I had my children I realized I was in desperate need of a creative outlet. I told my husband that jewelry making was something I was interested in but did not have a clue as to how to go about learning the craft. 2 days later an article appeared in my local paper about the “beading craze” and it mentioned a bead show that was coming to town. I decided that was my chance to see if it was for me and I have been hooked ever since.I have made things for friends for 4 years, but it wasn’t until last year that I decided to start selling earrings in a local boutique. My Fleur de Lis Charm earrings went over so well that I began receiving requests for more and more “themed” charm earrings, mostly school mascots. Thus Gypsy Charms Jewelry began.

2. Where do you get your ideas for your designs?For the contest piece I was inspired by my son. A lot of my jewelry comes from ideas they have. I also like doing custom work. I love trying to create a piece of jewelry to specifically match an outfit.Not to mention all the Etsy members that challenge and inspire me on a daily basis.

3. What are your favorite materials to work with?Most of my jewelry is made from Swarovski Crystals and Pewter charms. I like the elegance and sparkle. Lately I have been enjoying working with artistic wire. I have found using that to make rings is very relaxing and rewarding.I have just begun to work with a very rare collection of vintage glass Mardi Gras beads. Most of the strands were factory-made and hand strung in Czechoslovakia from the 1920’s to the 1930’s. At the onset of WWII, the factories were shut down, never to re-open. The beads were recycled by Krewe members and kept in circulation into the 1960’s. Some still retain the original “Imitation Jewellery” tags.

4. In the future, where do you want to be with your jewelry business?I would like to continue to sell my charm earrings. I am working with several schools to sell my earrings as fundraisers. I also would like to have more of my regional pieces in local boutiques and gift shops. The thing I am most excited about is the Mardi Gras bead creations I am working on. So many people lost their antique Mardi Gras collections during Katrina. These beautiful beads have been restyled for people to be able to wear a touch of New Orleans nostalgia

5. What do you like about being a part of JET/Etsy?The feeling of camaraderie, I never feel a sense of competitiveness. I have only felt support and acceptance.The inspiration, The information and The view into so many different cultures and

Third Place Winner

Lush Beads

1. I started making jewelry when a friend showed me in 2000. She had recently learned jewelrymaking and she was SO enthusiastic about it that when she taught some of the rest of us, it was infectious! Ever since, I have been hooked. I love working with color, that is what inspires me.

2. I get my design ideas by bringing beads to the table and looking at them until a grouping strikes me. Then I fuss with them until I like the design. It's very unstructured.

3. My favorite materials are stone and Swarovski. When I do weaving projects, I like working with Miyuki seed beads.

4. I currently own a beading supply store, and I'd like to become more of a destination for finished jewelry and accessories sales.5. I love Etsy and JETT because there is such a sense of community here, and I love to see everyone working together to forward our businesses!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New supplies are in!

Visit us here:)

Thanks so much!