Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jewelry by Tara

JBT Marketing Style By Groups

So lately you might have noticed a huge diversifying effect going on in my shop. This is due to the fact, that my customer base has completely changed since my shop has moved to etsy. I'm trying to keep up with all the latest styles and trends, while maintaining the quality of Jewelry by Tara. But lets face it, does a 13 year old girl want a $100 lampwork bracelet? What used to sell on my own website is not what is selling for me on etsy. Not to say that it couldn't work out for you! But I have really enjoyed opening up my store to new markets and customers.

I like to break down my marketing style into 3 groups. Pre-teen through early 20's, late 20's - 30's, and everyone 40 and over. Now of course, if you're like me, you don't fit into your own age group, so just use the numbers as a tool for breaking up the types of jewelry you want to sell.

Pre-teens through early 20's kids are generally trying to go with the flow. What's in style in a magazine is what's in style for them. If your friends like it, you probably do too. The accessories you choose probably have a lot to do with what you see your peers wearing. If you are marketing towards this group, you have to stay up on what's going on in the MTV world. This age group is generally easy to please and you can just look around at your local high school kids and see what they like. Goths, punks, rockabilly, it's all around you. They are not looking for expensive, one of a kind, handmade beaded bracelets! They want familiar characters and things that will shock their parents! So think inexpensive and flashy! Plastic and kitschy, chains, 80's inspired colors and styles. These are all really big right now with this age group.

Now we move on to the group that I should be in! The late 20's to late 30's group. This group is a little more particular and more in touch with their own personal sense of style. Obviously they will be able to spend more money on something than a pre-teen and they expect that item to be a quality purchase. Still influenced by style and fashion but leaning towards more of a grown-up looking piece. Seasonal colors and trends definitely are to be noticed here. Also, it may be time to break out the quality real gold and silver components and findings. This group will also appreciate labor intensive pieces and handmade glass and other beads. Go for style, season, and quality with this market.

For the 40 and over crowd, it's kind of a unique mix. By this time most people have found a very good sense of what they like and want. Although seasonal pieces are still very popular, trends themselves don't really effect these shoppers. Classic, quality and fashionable items are always a big hit. Most of the clients I've dealt with have favorite colors or designs that they want over and over again. For example, one lady couldn't get enough insect jewelry, while another, really only wanted anything I made in purple. It didn't matter what stones or type of jewelry. In order to please this group, just offer a variety of quality pieces with different themes. They definitely know what they want!

This is just my marketing formula. I'm sure most of you have your own ideas and that's what makes all of our stores so unique and wonderful!

Once again, happy jewelry making!


Lisa K. said...

Nice job Tara. I think you are spot on with your assessment of marketing groups. Doing Craft Fairs was an eye-opener for me, I could actually see who my buying customers were.