Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thoughts on Etsy Treasury

I feel this is a relevant post today, in regards to who we pick for the etsy treasuries we curate. This is written exactly as sent to me by
Check out her shop, her cranes are amazing!

" I don't think Etsy is a place that will ever be fair to the satisfaction of many, in terms of the echelon of artistry, and whose works gets picked when and how. Some people are new to their craft and some people have been practicing for decades. Is there a higher level quality of art work made by a person who has worked on their art for many years? There is a great deal of difference and it shows..even digitally. As a member of CCCOE I will try to get treasuries into the future because I really love curating. Professionally I have curated for many years. Every other treasury I will dedicate a treasury to CCCOE artists. I would not have any fun at all curating if I just curated CCCOE artists when there are ETSY artists world wide. That would be torture for me. And no fun at all.

Art is one of the most competitive fields to play on there is. You have to develop a pretty tough hide to play on ETSY. You have to get tough to participate in any art arena that involves the public. Who gets picked to be in treasuries will never be fair. The choices are due to natural selection... legislating curatorial choices on ETSY to be any more fair than it already is, will never work, people would stop playing."