Thursday, June 28, 2007

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Hi everyone!! :) I'm posting this (sorry the OP below is long) in hopes some of you might be able to help out this women's group? Anyone wishing to donate supplies or with more questions, please convo me! :) I'll see that all the stuff gets to the group. I suspect (if anyone has extra tools, or cheap stuff that you upgraded from perhaps) tools would be particularly needed, but materials too! Thanks for reading!

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Dear Friends,

As you probably know I am working as the Coordinator of the Women's Centerat CCAC. The women who come to the Women’s Center are all ages (from 18 to60), are different races and are from different social economic status. The women receive free counseling, workshops, and referrals to community resources.

I have initiated a student club, Women on a Mission. The purpose of the club is to provide the women an opportunity to develop supportivefriendships, have leadership opportunities, and to have a way that thestudents can give back to the community. The students have support and a place to meet at the Women’s Center. However, the Women’s Center does not have funds available for the group.

Recently, the concept of making jewelry emerged as a way for the women to spend time together and to produce something for a fundraiser. I am helping them collect materials for their project and will oversee the group as they determine the portion of the money to give a community charity.

If you have old beads, jewelry, or materials that could be used in jewelrymaking or if you are part of a church or organization that would collect materials for this project you support would be appreciated.

You can mail donations to the following address or contact me at724-816-7771 or rdevries [!at] to find a way to get your donation to the students.

CCAC Women's Center
808 Ridge Ave, Byers Hall 305
Pittsburgh, PA 15212