Monday, July 30, 2007

How to start/run a successful Street Team on Etsy

I was just reading in the forums that sarahwearsskirts, our wonderful new Etsy Street Team go to gal, was posting this thread about how to start a Street Team on Etsy.

Since I have started 2 Street Teams with, CCCOE, and JET, I thought it might be helpful to add my two cents to the mix!

The first thing I recommend doing before you start anything, is to sit down and decide what the goal is for your team. It's the first question everyone will ask you, and it's good to have a prepared statement ready. Also, choose a name before posting the thread. It's hard enough to get a group started, but using the democratic process for everything, can hold your group up for weeks! If you don't know what name to pick, then of course, post for ideas.

After you've decided a name and goal, contact admin immediately! It takes a very long time to get a Street Team going and a page for it on Etsy. You need to get a jump start on this right away. Once Etsy recognizes your team you will be required to submit all your information to them. Here is a direct link to Etsy Street Teams on the blog, you will find the contacts and more info. here:

Okay, so you've got a name, goal, and hopefully applied for Street Team recognition on Etsy. Now comes the fun! Start a thread calling for members, ask them for their shop names and URLS. I no longer ask for regular emails, many people feel spammed when they receive a lot of group messages, and the forums are just as good for getting the word out. It is very important that you keep a seperate, updated list of members. You will be referring to this all the time and admin likes to receive a good copy for the Street Team page.

So now you've got a Street Team, what's next? Well, depending on the goal's of the team, you want to start getting to work. I think the most important thing for all teams is to promote yourselves. There are so many ways to do this on the web, you should have no problem getting started. I use blogs, myspace, and my own personal blog and email list. Encourage all your team members to do the same. Remember to ask for help, let others keep track of individual sites, otherwise, it can be very overwhelming.

Another great way to market your group is to have a contest, sale, or giveaway. It encourages people outside of your team to visit your blogs, shops, etc.

I am more than happy to mentor anyone who wishes to start a Team on Etsy. I am currently running the JETs with Tanya AKA crescentmooncreation, and I am helping where I can with EFA. I also belong to Etsy Veg, CCCOE, and I am assisting gerrysjewelrybox to start an Etsy Victorian Team here:

If you need to get in touch with me outside of Etsy, please contact me through me business email:

Good luck to everyone starting a team! It's a very rewarding and fun experience.


Shell Mitchell said...

Why have I not been to your blog before?!? You've got a lot of great tips here - your blog is great!