Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have decided to keep a Handmade Top Ten Seller's List. I think this will be beneficial, since so many artists are upset over vintage and supplies on Etsy.

Here are some reasons that I feel supplies/vintage should not be added to the Etsy Top Seller lists:

Supplies usually come in smaller quantities/prices and therefore appear to be selling better.

Vintage/supplies are not made by the seller, therefore, not really in the spirit of Etsy.

Sellers are frustrated enough having to compete with each other and hobbyists on Etsy. Why should they have to compete with non-handmade items for recognition?
I can understand the need for supply shops on Etsy. I'm not quite sure where Vintage fits in, but it's been on there since Etsy started, so they must have had a reason?

There is a huge problem on Etsy with communication between these groups of people and anything we can do now to promote and help each other out would be beneficial to us all.

That being said, I too sell supplies on Etsy and I would not mind non-handmade sites being taken off the wiki list.
Etsy is my full time job, and I need the income. My supply shop and jewelry shop have done extremely well and I'm truly grateful to everyone.