Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kattzz Meow

We have all heard of home parties. The first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of ladies gathered in your mother’s living room, shopping for the latest in plastic bowls and spoons! Well there’s something new “buzzin’” around town and it ain’t your mamas Tupperware party! As women become more liberated, the gadgets that make us smile are no longer the ones that can “whip up the best darned mashed potatoes in an instant!” While some are still made of plastic and pyrex, these are the gadgets that keep us barefoot and in the bedroom!

As a Passion Parties consultant I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing women. Some are completely open about their sex life while others are quiet and reserved and prefer to keep their private lives to themselves. By passing around the latest in edibles, adult toys and creams that do everything from tighten to tingle, ladies enjoy the opportunity of getting a closer look than in a store. The home setting makes for a more comfortable atmosphere and the items make for some interesting conversation to say the least.

If we can get together and educate each other about everything from cookware to skincare, why not educate ourselves about enhancing our sex life? By hosting a Passion Party, you can see, touch and even taste the products before buying them, all while sharing some giggles with your closest friends. If you ask me, that sure beats going into your local adult store!

Many women think that they can’t have an orgasm, but maybe they just don’t know how. The truth is, just because your body belongs to you, don’t expect someone to hand you a manual telling you how it works! If you want to figure things out, you need to do some exploring.

Even though these parties tend to make people blush and giggle, it is something that I think everyone should attend. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how much experience you have, there is something for everyone at a Passion Party. Make it fun by adding a theme, have a potluck and have everyone bring a sensual food or desert! Many hostesses have fun with cocktails by serving pink panties and screaming orgasms. Unlike the usual party hosted with the intention of selling something, people don’t run in the other direction when you mention you are having a Passion Party! In fact, many girls have heard of “those” parties but don’t know how to go about getting one together. Girls are thrilled to come and even bring friends. This is the one party where your significant other will say, “Take the credit card! Buy whatever you want!”

Better yet, have a co-ed party. Bring your man along and taste the edibles together. Explore your options together and find new ways to spice up your love life. I have heard a lot of girls say, “He would never do that”. You would be surprised at how excited men are to see what we have. Men love gadgets right? Men love sex too. Imagine if there was a gadget that enhanced their orgasms, well… there is and we have it! Get a little something for him and how can he complain if you buy something for yourself!

Finding out that “that” goes “there” and you can “lick this” and if you blow on it “it gets hot”, is no longer something to be ashamed of. These once naughty items are becoming more and more popular.
No matter what kind of crowd, I always hear someone say, “Wow, I had no idea!” or “I never knew…” It is healthy to explore your fantasies and lead an active and imaginative sex life. My job brings couples closer together and keeps a smile on their face. While I’m no doctor, I have found a fun, casual way to help you relieve stress, strengthen your relationships with yourself and your partner, and keep you feeling good by introducing new things, or replacing old, overused (cough cough) things in your bedroom! This is what makes my job worthwhile.For more information you can visit my website

By-Kristie Crow


marsha said...

Awesome! I must say ... I'd love to be in your shoes! =) What a great career you've got there ... esp when you know you've made a difference in one's life and outlook on life and sexlife! Great post Tara!

plasticpumpkin said...

Live, love, and enjoy!

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