Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Etsy myths...

If you list it, they will buy!
Nothing is TMI
Religion and Politics are a good thing to post about in the forums!

Whatever you make by hand is art.
Alchemy is coming back soon!

More treasuries are a good thing.

All it costs you is .20!
If you flag a non-handmade item, it will be deleted forever.
Etsy isn't really hard to search on...
When the holidays come, everyone w/low sales will be very busy!
Anyone can be the "Featured Seller".
Policing the forums will help people.
If someone sounds rude or patronizing in the forums, it's just because it's in a thread. In real life, that person is so sweet!

My personal fav, dead animals w/glitter on them, are art, not roadkill:(

Enjoy! And please add your own "Etsy Myths", in comment form:)

**This is for humor purposes only, not intended to start flame wars, rudeness, back stabbing, nastiness, snarkiness, or blog locks.
♥Oh and most importantly, if someone has a different opinion than I do, unlike Etsy, I will let your comments stay!


Megan said...

You mean that dead animals + glitter doesn't = art?

My world just came crashing down. ; )

Marilyn said...

How about...

It's ok to BEG people to heart you.

Veruca said...

If you whine about your shop and noone buying people will run over and buy because they feel bad for you !

Mary Helen said...

Jewelry by Tara I didn't know you had a blog! I'm linking you right now!