Friday, September 7, 2007

Is Etsy getting enough searchers? I'm really concerned about it, because it seems that if I don't relist constantly, I have no customers. So, if relisting/listing = sales, but costs money, is it worth it? Between Etsy fees, paypal fees, supply costs, packaging, tools, time, non payers, and other overhead, I'm really questioning myself.

Does anyone else feel like they are working 24 hours a day/7 days a week for a couple of small sales? I was extremely busy in the Spring and early summer, now nothing! Of course, supplies are still going pretty strong. Maybe I won't bother to make anymore jewelry, and I'll just let it all run out?

Open to comments, opinions, and Etsy nuttiness!


shannon said...

if you feel burned out, breaks are good.

Thai Dreams said...

We've been wondering the same, higher fees because of relisting but the same number of sales.

We're going to maybe sign up for our own website this week to try to get customers that way to our etsy shop as Search isn't working. Don't understand why etsy can't fix that?

Miles Away In France said...

I do feel that I put in a lot of time but don't get much out of it.

I've stopped relisting because my etsy bill crept up.

It does seem like a lot of work for a very small gain.
Most of my sales are from friends and family so no thanks to Etsy there.
Racheal x